21 Best Strategy for Winning a Ludo Game ( Get Unlimited Six)

Ludo is a combination of luck and strategy. You can’t control the luck factor other than the likely attempt to try different ways to roll the dice (try rolling a dice a little differently once you get two 6s in a row). So we always focus on the strategy part. You can win any match with this Ludo Winning tricks that I am going to tell you.

I have won ludo with these tricks by apply these Ludo Winning Tricks. After reading this whole post you will come to know how to win ludo. I have attempted these tricks and won 4 times out of 7 Tries. You can still get more than half win by simple practice. We have also given you few mods of Ludo game. You can download ludo mod & rock on every game. 

What is Ludo Game?

Ludo King is a popular game during this time lockdown. Many people have started playing the game with their families, partners and celebrities are playing it and sending pictures to their social media managers. The game is very simple and most of us played it a lot during childhood.
The app is available on desktop, iOS and Android which offers wide appeal. As a desktop player working on PPT he can play with someone in the kitchen to cook food and play the game on their smartphone. As it supports offline mode your family can also gather after dinner and play a quick ludo game, without the pressure of finding that one missing part of your body board game.
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Important Things to Keep in Mind While Playing Ludo

Pieces: the objects that you are given to move. There would be a maximum of 16 pieces on a board

Places: the squares in which your pieces move
End point: your final destination
Start: places just before your end point where you can’t be killed
Den: The starting point. A six would take you from the studio to the starting point (star)
Kill: cut a piece and send it back to the den
Opponents: competitors other than you
Stars: safe spots where no one can kill

21 Strategy For Winning Ludo a Ludo:

Here are some tricks of ludo king game if you strategize your game properly then you can win almost every game.
1. Get all your pieces out as soon as possible. If you only invert your numbers in one piece, you must leave stars safe and take unnecessary risks.
2. Try to jump into the stars or duplicate your pieces in one place (this rule may be different in various game variants).
3.The importance of a piece is directly proportional to its proximity to the home. If you have to risk your pieces to leave the stars, risk the ones closest to the starting point in the first and second quadrant. Keep your pieces close to the end point.
4. Killing opponents is always exciting even at the risk of your own piece. However, to win the game, you must calculate the risk before killing someone. If you are in the first and probably even the second quadrant, you can kill opponents even if you cannot escape. If you are already in the third or fourth quadrant, kill your opponents only if there is a chance to escape far. This brings us to our next point. How far should you escape?
5. Escaping away means that you are separated by your opponent by at least 7 square places. If he or she gets a score of 6 and 1, you will die but the probability is low. Escape with more than 6 spaces at any time and you are much less likely to be killed.
6. Leave the stars cautiously. You have to see not only your opponent’s chance to kill you, but also your chance to kill your opponents. If they come soon, wait until they cross you and destroy you.
7. If you have the option to kill one of the many opponents, choose the ones that have reached far from the starting point. However, if the piece is the opponent’s last piece, you must kill it independently.
8. If you want to run away or chase your opponent, moving your piece to the endpoint through the house could give you a second chance to hit.
9. Decreases the probability that you will be killed and increases the probability that your opponents will be killed. If you are chasing a piece that you must kill to win, preferably chase with more than one of your pieces, keeping them all separated in 6 places if possible. When running away from an opponent, move away from at least one piece with more than 6 places of separation.
10.In your second last or last star, run only if you have at least 6 and 4 respectively, as far as possible if there are other opponents behind. That way, you can get to the safest home. If there is no one, you can go with any of the numbers.
11. If killing your opponents does not increase or decrease the chance that they will kill you significantly (for example, a similar probability like 1/6 in both cases), kill them at all costs.
12. Probability calculation, although not always mandatory, can be useful. If your opponent is behind you in 7 places, he or she has to score 6 and 1 successively to kill you. That’s 1 of 36 random events. If you two are only 14 places apart, he or she has to score 6,6 and 2 to kill you. That is even rare. 1 of 216 random events. Compared to this, if you are within 6 separate locations, your chance of being killed increases by 36 times.
13. When you get to the end point through the house, keep your pieces separate in different places. Don’t stick all your pieces to one point in your house and you will search for the same number over and over again. Probability matters.
14. Don’t make silly mistakes like moving a different piece than you intended or forgetting to kill your opponent because you didn’t pay attention.
15. Hunt to start. The surest way to win ludo is to keep your pieces behind your opponents, kill them and advance, or you can run away from them with at least 6 places in between, which will reduce the possibility of being killed 6 times.
16. If possible, try to limit your opponent to one piece. If they have no other option to move, they would move a piece continuously and the chances of their piece being killed are very high.
17. If you’re playing with more than one opponent, keep that in mind when calculating the risks. Leaving a star point with all three opponents is 3 times more risky compared to the star where only one of your opponents resides.
18. Once you’re limited to one piece, you have no choice. Therefore, get your pieces out as soon as possible. You can keep them at the starting point if that seems better, but get them out of the studio as soon as possible.
19. If you are looking for victory, go for victory. Killing opponents at the cost of killing your piece may seem exciting for a while, but it won’t help you win. Take calculated risks. Unnecessary risk is nonsense.
20. If losing is inevitable, aim for a better position. Shift your focus to killing the competitors you can compete with instead of running after the ones who are sure to win.
21. Finally, the strategies, tips and tricks are there to help you make the best decision. Be confident, take your time to think (but not too much as other players might get irritated). Think ahead. Everything is in practice. The more you play, the better your best possible move will be.

So these were the ultimate guide for winning a ludo game. You can also download ludo mod game from our site.

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